How to Sponsor a Course

Thank you for considering sponsoring a course through Tundra Medical Resources. Together we will work with you to provide the highest quality wilderness medical training in the industry.

Any organization can host training through Tundra Medical. Course hosts range from local clubs, government non-profit agencies, and private companies. Hosting a course offers a valuable opportunity to provide high-level, specialized training to a group of staff or to known members of your professional or recreational community. All courses are compliant with Yukon Worker's Compensation Health & Safety Board requirements.

Tundra Medical Resources is proud to offer courses provided exclusively by Wilderness Medical Association (WMA) Canada certified instructors. This ensures that your staff receive standardized training that meets specific criteria and is recognized internationally. The core curriculum is designed to provide the skills and insight needed to improvise, adapt, and exercise reasonable judgment at any level of medical training. Each course provides the following tools, based on level of training:

  • Understand the challenges and limitations of working in a remote/resource challenged, patient care setting.
  • Explain principles of preventive care for patients and team members when faced by environmental challenges.
  • Perform an accurate patient assessment when access to advanced diagnostics are not available
  • Utilize useful medical and basic rescue equipment often available in a remote/resource challenged patient care setting.
  • Via case studies and in practice during patient-oriented drills, demonstrate decision making ability for treatments and evacuations in remote resource/challenged patient care settings.
  • Decide which medications* and equipment that might be useful and appropriate in a variety of remote/resource challenged patient care settings.
*Medication administration and some other skills may not be supported in some workplaces. Always follow your local policies and protocols.​

As part of WMA International and Tundra Medical's commitment to your medical rescue training, our instructors and management will consult your group’s needs and teach according to your group’s backgrounds, environments, and experience. Simulations and hands-on activities will be realistic and relevant. Relevant adult education is incorporated directly into our curriculum to maximize learning of medical theory into practical skills.

If you have never run a course with Tundra Medical Resources before:

Please read the WMAI Sponsor Guide for more information on what it means to be a course sponsor. (Note: this guide contains contact information for customers located in the United States. Please contact us directly to book your course.)

  • Review our course types here for more information about the courses we offer and what might fit your needs.
  • Fill out the form here; someone will be in touch to discuss the next steps.
  • Read below for more information about hosting a WMA course with Tundra Medical.

What Tundra Medical will do:

  • Help you decide which course meets your training needs and whether it can be open to the public.
  • Provide top quality instructors and teaching materials, current and relevant curriculum, and responsive program support from office staff.
  • Arrange for instructor travel and accommodations.
  • Arrange for teaching materials to be shipped to you if required.
  • Provide certificate cards for all successful graduates of your course.

Tundra Medical Resources is responsible for providing instructors, course materials, and medical equipment.

Sponsor's responsibilities:

Sponsors are responsible for:

  • Developing a budget and pricing for the course (we can assist you)
  • Arranging for classroom space (indoor classroom and outdoor practice space)
  • Financial costs of travel, meals and accommodations for instructor(s)
  • Registering participants & collecting tuition
  • Communicating with participants about pre-course logistics
  • Communicating with our office about participant enrollment
  • Marketing your course
  • Communicating with the Tundra Medical office when you have questions or need help
  • Obtaining certain outdoor/industry-specific equipment and gear (list provided upon course confirmation)

For Open Enrollment Courses:

  • Make sure that everyone who responds to student inquiries is knowledgeable about course logistics
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan (we can assist you)

Exceptions to the above responsibilities may be made with Tundra Medical prior to booking. Please advise us of any requested changes when you submit a request for training dates.

To book your training, please contact our office with potential training dates via phone/email. We will help you select the right course and confirm instructor availability during that time.