Backcountry User Rescue & Survival Training (BURST)

Backcountry User Rescue & Survival Training (BURST)

The only Wilderness First Aid course that meets the specific needs of industry, technical, research, and field support employees in remote areas.

​The Wilderness First Aid for Field Services course provides first aid for industrial, technical, and field support staff in remote areas. Although the fundamental medical portion of this course is similar to those in a WMA International Wilderness First Aid course, the applied context is different. The primary demographic includes workers involved in activities such as mining, forestry, oil drilling, construction, and scientific data collection in the field.

​Direct access to motorized vehicles including but not limited to all-terrain vehicles, motor boats, snow machines, and possibly aircraft is a defining criteria of these remote industrial environments. This should be considered for evacuation purposes as well as mechanisms for injury.

​Possible shorter duration of time spent in a remote area: students may only be in a remote area for a single work shift and then return to their own home. As such, wilderness management of acute problems such as angina and myocardial infarctions may be of greater concern than gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and constipation.

As part of our commitment to your medical rescue training, our instructors will teach according to your group’s backgrounds, environments, and experience. Simulations and hands-on activities will be realistic and relevant. Relevant adult education is incorporated directly into our curriculum to maximize learning of medical theory into practical skills.

Course Description

The Backcountry User Rescue Skills Training (BURST) is a 1 day course designed to de-mystify emergency response procedures in the event of a backcountry accident. It is the perfect course for WFA/WAFA/WFR and AST 1 & 2 graduates interested in learning modern emergency techniques, equipment use and general preparedness relative to backcountry emergencies including; avalanche involvements, tree-well incidents, serious injuries and getting lost. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Overview of Search and Rescue in Yukon; what to expect
  • Backcountry communication devices; how they work, their limitations and how to initiate SAR for an incident
  • Hypothermia; Prevention and Treatment, How to package an injured person to prevent further heat loss and overview of field rewarming techniques
  • Emergency evacuation techniques; how to move an injured person to a safe location and emergency improvised toboggan overview
  • Helicopter landing zone awareness
  • Tree-well awareness
  • Fire-starting techniques
  • Survival shelter techniques

This course is a 100% hands-on, field-based course with students participating in short lectures and field scenarios utilizing their own gear as well as standard gear carried by guides. This is not a first aid course, nor an avalanche course. Previous CPR and First Aid training is recommended.

Summer- and winter-based courses are available seasonally.

We can tailor this course to your organization's requirements.

Full credit for course curriculum and development to Dave Bryan, Wilderness Technologies Inc.